About that developer key…

Currently i’m working on VEOH.com integration for our software TubeBox (was mine, now sold, whatsoever). TubeBox is search / download / convert tool for video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc.

And every time you start implementing a new provider you cross your fingers and search for “[Provider-Name-Here] API”. Most providers have beautiful Web 3.0 sites and offer a public API to create mesh ups and get more reputation.

And so does VEOH.com. They offer a REST API full of awesome methods to search videos an query all kind of helpful information. Nice.

But wait… API Key needed? Developer Registration? Become Business Partner? No way my bros from oversea! This is not an option. A Web 3.0 API should be public! Really.

So lets get back to basics and parse plain HTML with the power of regular expressions… Boring.

So i opened a video from their site and started studying the source code, when suddenly out of nowhere *le wild line 533 appeared:

__api.apiKey = “E97FCECD-875D-D5EB-035C-8EF241F184E2”;

Could it be? They use their API themselves and are also registered as developers and business partner of… themselves? Let’s check it out…

Yep. They really are! So let’s close our favourite RegularExpression Designer and have a look at the API again :) – Thanks VEOH!

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