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SoundCloud: Best developer key – EVER!

Some weeks ago, i made a post about and the developer they hid in the source code of their very own site.

This time i was investigating SoundCloud. It’s something like YouTube for music and they got this pretty neat comment feature, where you can pin your comment to a certain time in the track. Here is some example for you – listen to it while reading the rest of this post ;)

They also propagate the development of 3rd party apps and their for offer a rich and easy to use API. But once more you are forced to register yourself as an official developer to get access to a client id, which effectively is their name for developer key. So while reading their API documentation, I saw a URL like this:


And thought… “where to get this #*!$##! key from…” never the less i copied the URL in my browser and… i worked! Stunned by this, my first idea was, they only use the key for statistics, but nay. If you change the client_id parameter to something else, you only get:

{"errors":[{"error_message":"401 - Unauthorized"}]}

So development with YOUR_CLIENT_ID went on and until now i never faced any problems using this special developer key :) – Thanks SoundCloud!